Exploring Life Through Improv

In a fast-moving, unscripted world how do you Dare to be Human? Explore the boundaries of what makes you you in this playful interview show bent on uncovering what it means to be human! From personality, to storytelling, social status, performance anxiety and beyond, join us as we journey to unlock the answer.

Kat and Mary talk with Taína Asili a NY-based Peurto Rican singer, songwriter, bandleader, and activist. They discuss reclaiming your humanity in the face of inhumanity through acts of resistance and art, Taína's travels through Peurto Rico after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, how to discover your own bravery and raising kids as an act of rebellion.

Check out her new album Resilencia and watch her powerful music video documentary of the same name on Youtube.

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