As I Was Saying (S.1 Ep. 1)

Exercise 1: As I Was Saying...

How to Play:

  • Create flashcards, slides or slips of paper with various “performance choices” on them. Those can include:

    • Famous people (e.g. Oprah, Arnold Schwarzenegger)

    • Fictional characters (e.g. Mickey Mouse, Pokemon)

    • Attitudes and emotions (e.g. embarrassed, joyful, disgusted, proud)

    • Scenario-based (e.g. you are speaking to a six-year-old; you’re madly in love; you are campaigning for high office; you are a drill sergeant)

  • Begin to tell your story. Have a friend hold up the next instruction (or do it yourself, but it’s more fun with friends) every 10-15 seconds. Go through 6-10 sets of instructions per round.



  • Cards, slips of paper, or slides

  • Pens



  • 2-3 minutes per person


Number of Players:

  • You can play alone. It’s even more fun in pairs and groups



  • Play in pairs and have partners shout out the next instruction on the fly without pre-planned cards. This works both players spontaneity.

  • Play taking on aspirational attitudes and characteristics that you identify ahead of time.

    • Step one: Identify specific performance shifts you want to make: e.g.  I want to have more gravitas; I want to speak more slowly; I want to take wilder risks

    • Create cards (or have others create them) that will push you in that directio



  • Fullly commit to each performance, ESPECIALLY if you don’t know how to do it.

  • Don’t worry about the content of what you are talking about; the text is unimportant

  • Have fun! Remember there is no “wrong” way to do this game