Random Word Stories (S.1 Ep. 3)

Exercise 2 - Random Word Stories

How to Play:

  • Get three random unrelated words - from a partner, by randomly point to a text, looking around the space you're in, or any other way you choose.

  • Create a quick one-to-two minute story incorporating those three words.

  • Be amazed at your storytelling brilliance!



  • None



  • 2 minutes per story


Number of Players:

  • You can play alone. It’s even more fun in pairs and groups



  • As a review activity, those of you who are trainers can provide content words or models, rather than single words

  • As a problem-solving exercise, tell a story about how those three words help you address your issue.

  • Create the story collaboratively.

  • Add random words as you go by having a playmate shout them out at random times.



  • Don't try to figure out your story ahead of time. Start speaking before you’re ready.

  • If you are giving words to others, make them as random and unrelated as possible. It’s really both more fun and perhaps even easier that way. You are offering more inspiration.

  • Don’t worry about telling a “good” story. You’re just making it up, for heaven’s sake!