The Expert (S.1 Ep. 5)

The Expert

How to Play:

  • Decide who among the participants will be the "Expert" 

  • This game can be played in a circle with the expert in the middle or with the expert facing a seated audience of questioners. 

  • The "Expert" takes on their persona of expert (whatever that means to them). While in this persona they hold all knowledge in the universe, so they can answer any question asked of them.

  • The Expert is asked questions by the other participant(s) to which they will deliver thoughtful, expert answers.

  • Questions that work best in this exercise are not answered easily with a yes or no, true or false, or with a quantitative answer. Be specific, be curious and challenge the expert. 

  • Questions don't have to be on the same topic, the Expert knows all! 

  • Once the expert has answered a few questions, switch up the roles and have another participant take on the role of expert. 



  • None



  • 3-5  minutes per Expert


Number of Players:

  • At least two participants


  • Variations:

  • You can narrow what the expert is an expert in (ie. The inventor of a new way of cleaning your teeth) and explore a specific topic. 

  • You can have multiple experts as part of a panel. Choose something they all experienced or achieved together (ie. First people to walk on the surface of Venus).


  • Play to the "top of your intelligence". Focus on playing the role of expert. You don't need to worry about not knowing the answers because the expert does. 

  • Don't worry about having good or interesting answers. Trust that you have a lot of experience and knowledge up in that brain of yours. Just start talking and you'll find something that will delight you to play with in your answers. 

  • Explore what it means to be an expert. What do you think of when we say, expert? A TED presenter? A professor? A guru? Your Uncle Carl? There are many different ways to play the role. 

  • Explore your voice and physicality as an expert. How might your posture or the motions you make be different as this character? How might you sound different both in tone and speed of speech, but with your vocabulary as well?